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For all of you newbies about to enter the horseback world I know how you feel. Most of the questions that race through your head have been in many other horse riders when they first started. One of the most common questions is how do you tack up a horse? Tacking up is very important. You may have watched you tube videos but I bet they sound confusing. Don't worry, I am here to help!

Parts of tacking up

When I tack up a horse I like to start with the saddle. You can leave the horses headstall on until you finish getting the saddle pad, the saddle, and the girth.

First your going to want to put on the saddle pad. The saddle pad is the pad that goes under the saddle so your horse is comfy and doesn't have rough fabric scratching on him/her while you ride. Your going to want to put it so that the line across the saddle pad is on the back bone and that the top of the saddle pad is above their withers. When you put it on make sure to gently place it on. If you throw it on it might frighten your horse.

Next your going to put on the saddle. Make sure it is even on both sides and your going to want to place it a couple inches behind the top of the saddle pad.

Finally you are going to put on the girth. If you lift up the saddle flap underneath their will be this "belt thing" called a billet. There will be three billets. You going to want to take the girth and hook it onto the first and last billet. Make sure its not too tight on one side. I would put it a couple holes lower than the highest whole. When you go onto the other side their is no way the girth will be able to be as tight as the other side. You may only reach 3-4 holes but that is okay. Be aware of your horse while you are doing this because some may get annoyed/angry and try to bite you.

Now you are finished with the saddle part Its time to move onto the bridle.

How to put on the bridle

Putting on the bridle is probably the hardest part. There are so many hooks it can be confusing.

First unclasp the headstall. Keep part of it looped around their neck, just so you can hold on.

Then take the martingale and put it on your horse. Then clip it to the little metal ring on the underside of the girth.

Next take the reins and clip them onto the claps next to the bit. After you do that put on the cavesson or nose band.

You can then take your right hand and hold the top of the bridle. With your left hand hold the bit. Lift the bridle and gently put the bit into your horses mouth by getting your thump and pressing it against the back of their mouth, making them open up so you can put in the bit. Make sure to quickly remove your finger, its not unusual for your horse to decide to clamp his teeth down on your finger. If this happens you will be okay, it will definitely happen once in your life. Then put the bridle around the ears and tuck the forelock hair underneath. Then just make sure the bit isn't too high or too low. If you see a tiny wrinkle on the side of their mouth then that means that the bit is in the correct spot.

Tighten or loosen any clasps that need it and you are good to go.

Lastly take the reins and loop them through the rings on the side of the martingale. Make sure they are not twisted.

Now you know how to tack up your horse. It can be confusing but if you study and pay attention you should be good to go. If you are worried about putting in the bit you can ask your coach to help you but honestly if you get bitten it will hurt but its not like your going to die. If I missed anything make sure to leave a comment so I can fix my mistakes! Thanks so much for reading. xx The Desert Rider

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