Horse Care 101- the complete guide!

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In this blog, I have always made content useful for beginner riders. I make posts that would be useful to them, riding tips to help them improve, and equine crafts to full fill their horse cravings. That's why I decided to make a presentation to cover everything a rider needs to know about horse care. Because sometimes your brain gets mixed up and all that horse care information gets jumbled, this guide to horse knowledge will sum up everything you need to know. I had so much fun making this and I can't wait till you know everything your inner horse wants to know.

Edit : I noticed in the hoof picking section, I said pick out the frog. This was a typo. Please do NOT pick out the frog, that can be very painful for the horse and cause major hoof damage!

Horse Care 101
Download MP4 • 4.04MB

You have to download it so let me know if it gives you any issues.

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